To order our services

The best times to reach us during the week are

During these times, we can deal immediately with your requests. Through a central office, we handle more than ten thousand transportation transfers each year.

Calls outside the above office times will be answered, at the latest, by 12:00 noon on the next work day.
For last-minute requests or short-term cancellations outside of these office hours, please call the Duty cell phone.

Available daily until at least 8:00 pm
Duty cell phone +49(0)171 / 777 11 27

If you no longer need scheduled transportation, you may cancel at any time. If the driver is not already on his way to you, we will not charge a cancellation fee. The earlier you cancel, the easier it is for us to provide transportation services to someone else who might need them during the same time. Orders and cancellations are definite, when they have been confirmed by us, either in writing or verbally.

We encourage you to make your transportation arrangements with us as soon as you think you have a transportation need. Thus, you will be most likely to have the minivan on your requested date and time.